“Everywhere is a lie, except in pain”

(Paul Mommertz)

Are you looking for real pleasure? Do you want to escape your everyday life, just be yourself and live out your darkest sides? Then trust me and I will open up a world to you full of bizarre passions. With a strong hand I will guide you safely into the center of your desire.

Sensitivity and my empathy are my strongest character traits. You are surprised? Trust me, let yourself go and countless bittersweet surprises await you. Because I can read your most wicked secrets. Your darkest wishes and most bizarre dreams come true with me. And don´t you worry: discretion is my top priority.

As your mistress, I expect absolute obedience. If you are naughty, I will punish you to bring you back to the path of virtue. You will enjoy submitting to me and I will turn your pain into true pleasure.

An authentic, intelligent, open mistress awaits you, treating each of her guests with respect. I do not fill clichés and stereotypes, but appreciate the nuanced game, the shameless and authentic expression of your pleasurable fantasies and the feeling of your (pain) limits.

My sense of humor and my creativity make me the ideal accomplice of your darkest sides. I accept everyone, no matter if you are a man, woman, couples, transvestites or as whatever you want to describe yourself, as long as you are over 18!  

My principles

  • SSC: “Safe, sane, consensual”.
  • Discretion: All personal data and what we discuss and experience are treated with the utmost discretion.
  • Communication: Before each meeting there is a preliminary talk, even if we already know each other. You can entrust me with all your fantasies, but also tell me your limits and limits.
  • Hygiene: Hygiene is a top priority for both and applies to the body as well as to practices and toys as well as instruments.
  • Respect & behavior: I treat every guest with the utmost respect. I expect good manners, cultivated appearance and to be treated with respect at any time.